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Health Website Owner and Location Description Elanguest
St. Julian's, Malta
This is a free resource for various exercises, and for spoken conversations.
Users need to register for a login id in order to listen to some dialogues.
Health Canada Health Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
Information on healthy living, health care, diseases and conditions,
health protection, etc.
Interactive Health Tutorials
at Medline Plus
National Institutes of Health
Washington, DC, USA
The tutorials are interactive health education resources from the Patient
Education Institute. Using animated graphics each tutorial explains a
procedure or condition in easy-to-read language.
You can also listen to the tutorial.
Medical Terminology Web
at English Centre
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China
The Medical Terminology website of the English Centre is designed primarily for students majoring in Chinese medicine, dentistry, medicine, and nursing.
The pages show a selected list of the frequently found terms that students may encounter in their readings and lectures.
The lists and exercises are not meant to be comprehensive.
The purpose of this website is to help students recognize technical terms and later actively use this vocabulary.
Topics include Prefixes, Suffixes, Medical Word Roots,
Self-Assessment Tasks, Pronunciation. MedicineNet Inc.
San Clemente, CA, USA
Information on various diseases and conditions, symptoms and signs,
procedures and tests, and medications.
Plus MedTerm online medical dictionary.