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Reading & Vocabulary

Study reading and vocabulary at home using these internet pages.
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Reading and
Vocabulary Websites
Owner and Location Description Level
Activities for ESL Students

Vocabulary Quizzes
The Internet TESL Journal
Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Grammar, vocabulary, idioms, crossword puzzles and other activities. Beginner-Advanced
2. Adult Learning Activities
California Distance Learning Project
California Distance Learning Project
Sacramento, CA, USA
Listening (some video clips), reading and vocabulary activities,
on various topics such as Services, Family, School,
Housing, Health and Safety, Money, Going Places.
Upper Intermediate-Advanced
3. Dave's ESL Cafe
ESL Quiz Center
Dave's ESL Cafe
Dave Sperling
Woodland Hills, CA, USA
ESL Quiz Centre section offers vocabulary,
reading comprehension and grammar exercises.
Budapest, Hungary
Reading, vocabulary, grammar exercises and tests. Beginner-Advanced
5. English Exercises Online English Exercises Online
Lilliam Hurst
Collège Claparede
Conches, Switzerland
Vocabulary, grammar, reading, cloze, word order exercises, crossword puzzles and more... Beginner-Advanced
Vocabulary Page
Language Dynamics
Anthony Eitnier
San Diego, CA, USA
Word lists by subject with definitions, examples, and exercises. Intermediate-Advanced
7. ESL Resource Center
Reading Skills
Interlink Language Centers
Golden, CO, USA
Mini-stories with clozes, speed reading exercises, science reading. Lower Intermediate-Advanced
8. Historica
History by the Minute
Historica Foundation of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
Historica Minutes: one-minute movies from Canada's past
Footprints: stories of Canada's athletes
Radio Minutes: short dramas on various Canadian issues and personalities
Upper Intermediate-Advanced
9. Interesting Things for ESL Students
Reading  Vocabulary
Charles and Lawrence Kelly
Aichi Institute of Technology
Toyota, Japan
Reading English signs, American Stories, texts of VOA Special English broadcasts.
Vocabulary lists, games, and quizzes.
10. John Keith’s Student Resources Online John Keith
Vancouver, B.C.
On-line resources in Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, and Pronunciation for Intermediate to Advanced students. Constantly adding material. Intermediate-Advanced
11. Learning English with Videos
Learn English
Jacob Richman
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel
Vocabulary list videos with spoken words. Beginner-Lower Intermediate
CBS 5/CNN Story Archives
Learning Resources
Western/Pacific Literacy Network
Oakland, CA, USA
Dozens of recent news stories from CNN and CBS. Most with video or audio and text. Original and simplified versions, outlines and modules of interactive activities. Lower Intermediate-Advanced
13. NetGrammar Allen Quesada Pacheco
San Jose, Costa Rica
Grammar through interactive listening, reading and writing activities. Units organized by grammar points. Tasks are for overview practice. Intermediate
14. Multicultural Academic Program
Interactive ESL Practice
Multicultural Academic Program
Portland Community College
Portland, OR, USA
Beginner level vocabulary.
Reading for some other ESL levels.
15. Sight Words with Samson Samson Classroom
Darrin Jahnel
Slingerlands, NY, USA
Hear words, see them spelled out, and see them used in a sentence. Literacy-Beginner
16. Takako's Great Adventure Okanagan University College
Kelowna, B.C.
Listen and read about a student's adventure in Canada. Episodes include vocabulary, cloze exercises, questions. Intermediate

17. The Centre for
Education & Training
ESL Activities Online
Canadian Corner Reading
Centre for Education & Training
Peel District School Board
Mississauga, Ontario
Reading comprehension and citizenship tests. Canadian stories, citizenship test study readings, American stories. Also grammar and links to TOEFL and ESL sites. Upper Beginner-Advanced
18. VocabAhead
Study Room
Lafazi, Inc.
Hillsboro, OR, USA
Study vocabulary with videos including definitions, pictures, and example sentences. Advanced-College Prep
Jacob Richman
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel
Vocabulary game site. Intermediate-College Prep