Internet ESL Study Links: Listening

Improve your listening skills at home using these internet pages.
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Listening Websites Owner and Location Description Level
1. Adult Learning Activities
California Distance Learning Project
California Distance Learning Project
Sacramento, CA, USA
Listening (some video clips), reading and vocabulary activities,
on various topics such as Services, Family, School,
Housing, Health and Safety, Money, Going Places.
Upper Intermediate-Advanced
2. Chalk'n'Talk:
The old fashioned way to teach
Okanagan University College
Kelowna, B.C.
Listen to and watch video clips
on various grammar points.
3. ELL English Listening Lounge Lidget Green Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Reading passages, study aids, transcripts, questions. Beginner-Advanced
English Language Listening Lab Online
Todd Beuckens
Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Students can listen to English speakers
from different parts of the world.
Listening Page
Josef Essburger
Cambridge, UK
Listen to Monthly News Digest Online for ESL Learners Intermediate+
6. ESL Resource Center
Listening Page
Interlink Language Centers
Golden, CO, USA
Exercises on listening, spelling, writing, pronunciation,
reading, grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and more ...
7. GVTV Greater
Vancouver Television
City of Vancouver
GVRD Metro Vancouver
Vancouver, B.C.
Video series about issues, people and ideas shaping Greater Vancouver. Search stories and videos on various topics. Upper Intermediate-Advanced
8. Historica
History by the Minute
Historica Foundation of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
Historica Minutes: one-minute movies from Canada's past
Footprints: stories of Canada's athletes
Radio Minutes: short dramas on various Canadian issues and personalities
Upper Intermediate-Advanced
9. John Keith's Student Resources Online John Keith
Vancouver, B.C.
On-line resources in Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading,
Writing, and Pronunciation for Intermediate to
Advanced students. Constantly adding material.
10. Learning English with the CBC
CBC Edmonton
Government of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
A joint project of CBC Edmonton and the Government of Alberta.
This site uses CBC Edmonton radio news and feature stories as tools for Albertans learning English.
Each News Story and Feature story has a lesson attached.
11. Learning English with the CBC
CBC Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba
English as an Additional Language (EAL) lessons which are based on CBC Manitoba radio stories.
The lessons are designed for intermediate level learners and there are tips on how to adapt them on the teacher's page.
Each lesson has a classroom version and a self-study version. All of the lessons are available on the website.
You will also find newscasts which are adapted for high beginner / low intermediate EAL learners and are based on CBC news stories.
Upper Beginner-Intermediate
12. Learning English with the CBC
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Carleton University Applied Linguistics
Ottawa, Ontario
Interesting lessons on various Canadian topics.
Listen and answer multiple choice questions
or fill-in-the-blank quizzes.
13. NetGrammar Allen Quesada Pacheco
San Jose, Costa Rica
Grammar through interactive listening, reading and writing activities.
Units organized by grammar points.
Tasks are for overview practice.
14. Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab Randall Davis
Provo, UT, USA
Easy, medium and difficult listening exercises with quizzes.
Some with video clips.
15. RCI Radio Canada International Radio Canada International
Montreal, Quebec
Read national and world news, listen to
web radio and daily/weekly programs on immigration news
and stories, plus much more...
Upper Intermediate-Advanced
16. Takako's Great Adventure Okanagan University College
Kelowna, B.C.
Listen and read about a student's adventure in Canada.
Episodes include vocabulary, cloze exercises, questions.
17. Train Your Accent:
ESL Accent Reduction Training
and Conversational English Practice
Randall Davis
Provo, UT, USA
Listen to samples of North American English.
Improve your accent and rhythm in English
and learn daily expressions at the same time.
18. University of Victoria
English Language Centre Study Zone
Basic Listening
Intermediate Listening
Advanced Listening
University of Victoria
Victoria, B.C.
Listening practice with information and questions.
Three units of each level, each with an introductory video and recorded phrases.
Some associated grammar content, eg. infinitives and gerunds.
Lower Intermediate-Advanced
19. VoicePrint
Canada's Broadcast Reading Services
Fil Magnoli
Accessible Media Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
Listen to top stories --
international, national, regional and local -- from more
than 600 Canadian newspapers and magazines.