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Activities for ESL Students

Self-Study Grammar Quizzes
The Internet TESL Journal
Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Grammar, vocabulary, idioms, crossword puzzles and other activities.
Self-Study Grammar Quizzes.
2. Aardvark's English-Forum.Com Aardvark's English Forum
San Francisco, CA, USA
Grammar, vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs exercises and more... Intermediate-Lower Advanced
3. Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Quizzes Rules Videos
Jane Straus
Mill Valley, CA, USA
Interactive Multiple Choice Grammar, Punctuation and Capitalization quizzes and tests. Intermediate+
4. BBC Learning English
Grammar Challenge
BBC World Service
London, UK
Lessons and videos on grammar topics. Intermediate-Advanced
5. Chalk'n'Talk
The Old-Fashioned Way to Teach
Okanagan University College
Kelowna, B.C.
Listen to and watch video clips on various grammar points. Intermediate +
6. Word Place, Inc.
W.E. Pete Peterson
Orem, UT, USA
Large collection of writing-oriented grammar exercises. Not interactive but extensive. Lower Intermediate-College Prep
7. Dave's ESL Cafe Dave's ESL Cafe
Dave Sperling
Woodland Hills, CA, USA
Phrasal Verbs and grammar exercises in ESL Quiz Centre section and more... Beginner-Advanced
Josef Essburger
Cambridge, UK
Introductions and grammar exercises on verb tenses, conditionals, phrasal verbs, modals, tag questions, gerunds and more... Intermediate-Advanced
Budapest, Hungary
Grammar, vocabulary, reading and free English lessons. Beginner-Advanced
10. Language Dynamics
Anthony Eitnier
San Diego, CA, USA
Verb tenses, conditionals, modals, prepositions, gerunds.
Quizzes and mini-tutorials.
Basic English - Essential Lessons for Beginning English Learners
About, Inc.
New York, NY, USA
Use these 25 short lessons to study for tests, review basic English essentials, or check your understanding of the basics. Beginner-Intermediate
12. ESL Blues Eifion Pritchard
Collège Édouard-Montpetit
Longueuil, Quebec
Exercises on grammar, vocabulary and reading. Plus animated grammar tutorials and trivia quizzes. Pre-Intermediate-
Upper Intermediate
13. ESL Partyland
Karin Cintron
San Francisco, CA, USA
Exercises and quizzes on business English, grammar, idioms, reading, vocabulary, etc. Beginner-Advanced
Practice on Points of English Grammar
Julie Sevastopoulos
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Introduction to grammar points plus practice exercises. Beginner-Advanced
15. Guide to Grammar & Writing Guide to Grammar and Writing
Capital Community College Foundation
Hartford, CT, USA
Interactive quizzes on grammar, punctuation and basic mechanics, spelling, vocabulary usage, principles of composition and more ... Advanced-College Prep
16. Interesting Things for ESL Students
English Grammar

Grammar/Vocabulary Quizzes
Charles and Lawrence Kelly
Aichi Institute of Technology
Toyota, Japan
Articles, pronouns, prepositions, verbs, phrasal verbs, comparisons and more ...
Quizzes on grammar and vocabulary.
17. John Keith’s Student Resources Online John Keith
Vancouver, B.C.
On-line resources in Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary,
Reading, Writing, and Pronunciation for Intermediate
to Advanced students. Constantly adding material.
18. NetGrammar NetGrammar
Allen Quesada Pacheco
San Jose, Costa Rica
Grammar through interactive listening, reading and writing activities. Units organized by grammar points. Tasks are for overview practice. Intermediate
19. University of Victoria
English Language Centre
Grammar Index
University of Victoria
English Language Centre
Victoria, B.C.
Long list of grammar topics; explanations and quizzes. Upper Beginner-Advanced