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How to Use the ESL News Archives

   Listen to an ESL News recording.
-- Listen and answer the questions for all the stories at once, or listen to the news one story at a time.
-- Check your answers. Look at the transcript if you feel that you need to.
-- Listen to the news again and make sure you can hear the answers to the questions.
-- Click "Reset", and listen to the recording and answer the questions again to build your listening skills.

Click Transcript and Audio and listen to the news and read the text at the same time.
-- Double-click on any word to look it up in the Free Dictionary and to hear it pronounced.
-- Read the news out loud and record your voice with Nanogong. (Let scripts run.)
-- For fluency practice, record your own re-telling of the news story and your own comments and ideas. Listen to your recording and analyse it for fluency, clarity, and pronunciation. Practice again.

Come back later and listen to these ESL News stories again.
-- Your listening will be better because you will be familiar with the story.
-- You will review and remember the new vocabulary you have learned.
-- You will build your confidence in your listening skills.

Selected ESL Newscasts from 2010

ESL News for May 31st, 2010 read by Cammi MacKinlay
Complete Newscast
Story 1 -- A thirteen-year-old boy becomes youngest to climb Mt. Everest.
Story 2 -- Chinatown is finding new life.
Story 3 -- Grandparents increase risk of obesity in kids.
Story 4 -- Dog-washer clean pets and saves cash.
Story 5 -- A six-year old Chinese boy cheats death.
Transcript and Audio

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ESL News for June 14, 2010 created by Alex Drahotsky
Complete Newscast
Story 1 -- International: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
Story 2 -- International, China : Foxconn
Story 3 -- BC: Apprenticeships for the Trades
Story 4 -- Sports: The World Cup
Story 5 -- North Vancouver: The Grouse Grind
Transcript and Audio

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ESL News for June 21, 2010 created by Eugene Sayson
Complete Newscast
Story 1 -- The G8 and G20 Summits
Story 2 -- Residential Schools: Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Story 3 -- World Cup and the Vuvuzela
Story 4 -- Canada Day Celebrations at Canada Place
Story 5 -- Weather in Vancouver
Transcript and Audio

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ESL News for September 27th, 2010 created by Ambien Malecot
Complete Newscast
Story 1 -- Environmental
Story 2 -- Culture Days
Story 3 -- Heavy Rains
Story 4 -- Wind Energy Feeds UK
Story 5 -- Women in the Swiss Government
Transcript and Audio

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ESL News for November 22nd, 2010 created by Jane Wakabayashi Lee
Complete Newscast
Story 1 -- Dear Santa
Story 2 -- My Maple Leaf is Bigger.
Story 3 -- A Tiny Police Dog
Story 4 -- Royal Wedding
Story 5 -- Shelters Add to Number of Beds for Homeless
Transcript and Audio

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