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ESL News for September 27th, 2010

Created by Ambien Malecot     Archived by John Keith

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Story 1 -- ESL News September 27th, 2010

Environmental – Key in the missing verbs.

Greenpeace (1) a campaign called “Shop Smart, Save Forests” (2) people not to use soft tissue paper because it (3) from wood from Canadian old-growth forests. Instead, they (4) people to use recycled tissue, which is not as soft. The organization (5) tests in major cities asking people (6) soft tissue to recycled tissue (7) if they can tell the difference. The result is that most people can but say that the difference is small, so they (8) to switch to recycled tissue (9) save the environment.


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Story 2 -- ESL News September 27th, 2010

Culture Days – True or False or No Information

1. Culture Days is a new name for an old celebration in Alberta.
2. All provinces had events for people to attend.
3. For some activities people had to pay.
4. Culture touches all our lives through language and clothing.
5. Part of the celebration was a movie at the Vancouver Playhouse.

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Story 3 -- ESL News September 27th, 2010

Heavy Rains

1. How were roads and bridges damaged?
   a) They were hit by heavy rains.
   b) Trees fell on them.
   c) They were damaged by flooding.
   d) A dam broke.

2. How were power lines damaged?
   a) They were damaged by flooding
   b) Trees fell on them.
   c) Electricity was cut to many homes.
   d) Strong winds blew them down.

3. How many homes were without electricity?
   a) 1600
   b) 16,000
   c) 60,000
   d) 200 million

4. How much rain fell in a short time?
   a) 200 million metres
   b) 200 min.
   c) 200 m.m.
   d) 16,000

5. How did the mayor of Port Hardy help those people whose homes were flooded?
   a) She declared a stay in emergency.
   b) She declared a state of emergency.
   c) She had them stay in her home.
   d) She let them sleep in the civic centre.

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Story 4 -- ESL News September 27th, 2010

Wind Energy Feeds UK – Write the letter of the matching information.

1. Distance from the wind farm to England: _____ km.
2. Number of turbines in the wind farm: ______ .
3. Number of homes that the farm could service: ______ .
4. Cost of the wind farm $______ .
5. Percentage of the UK’s electricity from the farm ______ % .

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Story 5 -- ESL News September 27th, 2010

Women in the Swiss government – Write the missing words.

Switzerland now has more (1) than male ministers, making it the (2) in gender (3) in government. This is extraordinary because women were only (4) the right to vote four (5) ago in 1971. The election of Simonetta Sommaruga to the seven-member Swiss federal (6) means that there are four women and three men (7) the country. When she accepted her new (8) , Sommaruga said the government should work harder to (9) the rights of minorities (10) they be cultural, linguistic, (11) , political or any other kind.

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