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ESL News for June 21st, 2010

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Story 1 -- ESL News May 31st, 2010

The G8 and G20 Summits

1) The following countries are members of the G20. Which are also members of the G8?

Argentina        India        South Africa       
Australia Indonesia South Korea
Brazil Italy Turkey
Canada Japan United Kingdom
China Mexico USA
France Russia European Union
Germany Saudi Arabia    

2) G20 most likely means:
   a. Great 20
   b. Group of 20
   c. Giant 20

3) The G8 and G20 summits will cost Canadian taxpayers
   a. $12 million
   b. $1.2 million
   c. $1.2 billion

4) The G8 and G20 nations will mainly discuss:
   a. the economy
   b. terrorism
   c. the environment

5) The G20 economies make up ______ of world trade.
   a. 90%
   b. 80%
   c. 2/3


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Story 2 -- ESL News May 31st, 2010

Residential Schools: Truth and Reconciliation Commission

1. The TRC will punish those who are guilty.
2. The TRC will decide how much to pay the victims.
3. The TRC wants to promote forgiveness and healing.

4. How many Aboriginals who went to the residential schools are still alive today?
      a. 1996
      b. 80,000
      c. 150,000
5. The Canadian government will pay $60 million to the survivors of the residential schools.
6. When will the Truth and Reconciliation Commission complete its work?

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Story 3 -- ESL News May 31st, 2010

World Cup and the Vuvuzela

1. Vuvuzelas are swarms of angry bees.
2. The vuvuzela can be dangerous to one’s health.
3. International commentators and players want the vuvuzelas canned.
4. FIFA World Cup officials will ban the vuvuzela to show respect.

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Story 4 -- ESL News May 31st, 2010

Canada Day Celebrations at Canada Place

Fill in the Blanks
Come celebrate Canada’s (1) birthday at Canada Place in downtown Vancouver on Thursday, July 1. The day-time festival will be from (2) to (3) . There are several stages (4) the waterfront that will provide musical and dance performances. There will also be (5) demonstrations, acrobatic performances, a (6) with bouncy (7) , face painting and more. At 12 noon (8) will sing O Canada. The Canada Day Parade will start at (9) . It will start at West Georgia St. and Broughton St. (10) on West Georgia St. The Canada Day Burrard Inlet (11) will start at 10:30 p.m. For the (12) schedule of events, go to

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Story 5 -- ESL News May 31st, 2010

Weather in Vancouver

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
variable cloudiness variable cloudiness cloudy with showers
High °C
Low  °C

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