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ESL News for June 14th, 2010

Created by Alex Drahotsky    Archived by John Keith

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Story 1 -- ESL News June 14th, 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

1. When something explodes, what does it do?
   a) sink
   b) blow up
   c) burn

2. “….BP tried to understate the amount of oil….”
What is the opposite of “understate”?

   a) exaggerate
   b) lie
   c) announce

3. What are Louisiana, Alabama and Florida?
   a) American cities
   b) American states
   c) countries

4. “Disaster” has about the same meaning as:
   a) accident
   b) damage
   c) catastrophe


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Story 2 -- ESL News June 14th, 2010


1. When there is a strike, what do the two sides usually do to resolve it?
   a) negotiate
   b) call the police
   c) scream and shout

2. In a workers’ strike, what are the two sides that are usually involved?
   a) capitalists and communists
   b) labour and management
   c) bosses and supervisors
   d) civilians and the military

True or false?
   3. The police came in and crushed the demonstrators.
   4. More than 300,000 people work at the Foxconn factory.
   5. Foxconn said it would give workers a 13% raise.

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Story 3 -- ESL News June 14th, 2010

B.C. Apprenticeship programs

Match a word on the left with the job description on the right

1. welder a) fixes cars
2. mechanic b) makes parts for machines
3. machinist c) joins steel parts together
4. electrician d) installs windows
5. carpenter e) installs or repairs electrical equipment
6. glazier f) works with plants, maybe in a greenhouse
7. horticulturalist g) installs or fixes sinks, toilets, and water pipes
8. plumber h) makes things with wood, such as houses or furniture

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Story 4 -- ESL News June 14th, 2010

Sports: The World Cup

True or False?
1. The World Cup is being held in South America.
2. In the first round, if a team loses even one game, it is out.
3. A “sudden death” means the game is very dangerous.
4. “A long shot” means “not likely to win”.
5. Coffee shops along Commercial Drive have TV’s.
6. In the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, Canada only scored one goal.

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Story 5 -- ESL News June 14th, 2010

North Vancouver: The Grouse Grind

1) What is the Grouse Grind?
    A North Vancouver park
    A popular hiking trail
    A mountain

2) How far do people climb?
    100 metres
    70 metres
    700 metres

3) There are always spectacular views from the top.

4) Choose the best answer.
   The SkyRide. . .
       is a terminal near the start of the grind.
       costs $5 to go up and down the mountain.
       is a cable car with spectacular views.

5) Why is it called the Grouse Grind?
    People drink coffee before they start.
    The Grind is a popular hike.
    It's a difficult climb.

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