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ESL News for May 31st, 2010

Read by Cammi MacKinlay     Archived by John Keith

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Story 1 -- ESL News May 31st, 2010

Climbing Mount Everest

True or False
a) A 13-year-old became the first person to climb Everest.
b) Jordan called his mother once he reached the top of Everest.
c) The boy’s family are backing their son to reach his goals.
d) The boy decided to climb the world’s tallest peaks when he was four.
e) Jordan’s first hike was full of fun.        
f) The boy wanted to give up climbing after going for a six hour hike.


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Story 2 -- ESL News May 31st, 2010

Chinatown is finding new life.

Choose Main Idea, Supporting Idea, or Not in Story
1) Long-time residents are worried about the speed of change in Chinatown.
2) Younger people are making Historic Chinatown more modern.                         
3) Traditional Chinese restaurants, restaurants and medicine shops are losing customers.

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Story 3 -- ESL News May 31st, 2010

Grandparents increase risk of obesity in kids.

1. True/False:
a) A study says grandparents do all they can to fatten up their grandkids.
b) Researchers analyzed over 12,000 grandparents over the age of 70.
c) Grandparents caring for kids can increase the risk of obesity by 34%.
d) Kids of mothers who went to university are more at risk of obesity.
e) Nearly 25 per cent of British pre-schoolers have problems with their weight.
f) Grandparents all over the world like to give their grandkids sweet things.
g) The article says older people are more aware of nutrition.      
h) People in Britain are getting more exercise than ever before.      

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Story 4 -- ESL News May 31st, 2010

Dog-washer clean pets and saves cash.

Fill in the Blanks
Japanese people are (1) for their inventions. Where would we be without miniature radios and hybrid cars? The (2) time-saving device to come from the Land of the Rising Sun is a dog-washing machine. Dog lovers can now (3) a new item to their list of household goods. Scientists have made life easier for pet owners with their automatic washing machine. People can (4) time by putting their pooch in the machine and then 33 minutes later, out comes a clean, (5)-smelling dog. The process includes shampoo, rinse and (6) dry. Sales of the dog-washer are increasing as the craze (7) on. The machines save a lot of money for pet owners in cleaning bills. However, it is bad news for vets who offer pet-washing services. The (8) used in the dog-washing machine is totally safe. Tests showed that dogs (9) the wash and were very happy when the blow-drier came on. The manufacturers say it is very safe and does not (10)the dogs in any way. One dog-owner, Michiko Kobayashi, loves her new machine. She said her dog is happy too. Michiko (11) to reporters why she and her Labrador Honey liked the machine: “Before I (12) my washer, I only took Honey to the vets a (13) times a year. Sometimes she smelled and her hair became dirty. Now, I wash her every week and she looks (14).” She added: “Of course, the best thing for me is that my dog always looks lovely, but it’s also good for my (15). I save a lot of money by not taking Honey to the vet.”

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Story 5 -- ESL News May 31st, 2010

A six-year old Chinese boy cheats death.

1) How did Ming Ming escape death?
    The police saved him.
    His neighbours helped him.
    His ears got caught in a metal grate.
2) How old was the boy?
3) Was he alone when he fell out of the window?
4) How did the boy catch the attention of the passerby?
    He sang.
    He screamed.
    He called his father.

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