Fast Food 2

Gap-Fill Exercise

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   bacon      cake      chicken      coffee      donut      fries      hamburger      hotdog      ice cream cone      juice      peach pie      pie      pizza      salad      salad      sandwich      sandwich      soup      spaghetti      tea   

Every Saturday I go to the local fast food restaurant with my friend, Sam. We usually go for lunch. Sometimes we go for breakfast.

For breakfast we usually have bacon.gif and eggs.

For lunch we usually have bowlsoup.gifand a sandwich.gif

Sometimes we have a salad3.GIF too.

Sometimes we like to order a pizzasli.gif or spagetti.gifand meatballs.

Usually we have chocolate choccake.gif for dessert.

Sometimes we have a piece of peachpie.gif. Sam and I like the local fast food restaurant. The service and the food are good.

Last week I went to a new fast food restaurant. I ordered a ham and cheese .sandwich.gif

The waitress said they didn't have any ham so I ordered a . hamburge.gifI had fries.gif with my hamburger.

My friend ordered a .hotdogt.gif

The waitress said they didn't have any hotdogs so he ordered a fchicken.gifdinner.

He had a salad3.GIF with his chicken dinner.

I wanted peachpie.gif for dessert but they didn't have any peach pie.
I had a doughnut.gif for dessert.

My friend had an icecone.gif for dessert.

After dinner I had a cup of .cuppa3.GIF

My friend ordered an orange orangej.gif but they didn't have any orange juice so he had a cup of .teatime3.GIF

I don't think we will go back to that resaurant. The service was not good.