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We are having this summer a reunion. My family and from all over the world will be coming to Vancouver for the . August will be a good month to have the gathering because the weather is usually dry and warm.

We have five in our family. My and I have three : two and one . My oldest is 12 years old. He is a . My other is 9 years old. He is a . My youngest , the of the family, is only 2 years old. We live in a big in Burnaby. The house has 4 and 3 . When my come from Toronto for the reunion, they will stay in the bedroom. My and her will be staying with . My , and will be sleeping at my brother's house. My and his have two children: a and a . My and are in their teens. Other members of the family will be staying with uncles, aunts or who live in Vancouver.
My are happy to see their , and because they bring them lots of toys and presents.

The picnic will be in our back yard. It will be a potluck, so we don't have to prepare or buy all the food ourselves. Each will bring a dish. My will make a big cake. My sister and will buy the salmon for the barbecue. For the children, my and will make cookies and jello, and my and will bring hamburgers and buns.