Everyday Clothes

Multiple-choice exercise

Choose the correct answer for each question.

Everyday Clothes

I have two teenage children who love shopping for clothes. They go to the mall with their friends every Saturday.

On school days, my son, Stan, likes to wear blue jeans and T-shirts. He only wears a suit on formal occassions like weddings or funerals. He feels comfortable wearing a jacket but not a tie. My daughter, Lily, likes to wear tight pants. She wears a dress or a skirt and blouse for parties or dinners. She doesn't feel comfortable in high heeled shoes and loves wearing casual and sporty clothes. When Lily visited her aunt in Texas, she bought cowboy boots, tight blue jeans and a cowboy hat.

In Winter, my children wear coats, hats and gloves on cold days. When they go skiing, they put on toques and mittens. Mittens are warmer than gloves. My son doesn't like rainy days because he has to wear a raincoat and carry an umbrella. My daughter loves to wear the scarf that I bought for her Birthday.

In the summer, Lily and Stan usually wear shorts, tanktops and sandals to the beach. Sometimes on weekends, we go walking in the mountains so they wear hiking boots and thick woolen socks to protect their feet and toes.

Last Saturday, my children came home with a bag of clothes each. My son bought two sweaters, and a pair of leather shoes. My daughter bought a black belt to wear with her blue dress, a pair of grey pants and a matching jacket. She also bought a green blouse.

My children have no problem spending money. They think money grows on trees!