Canadian Money Cashtree.gif

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Susan and Peter are newcomers to Canada. They take the bus to English school everyday. Last week, the teacher taught them about Canadian Money.

They learned that one cent is called a Pennyc.gif , five cents is a 5cents.gif, ten cents is a 10cents.gif , twenty five cents is a 25cents.gif , one dollar is a loony.gif , two dollars is a 2dollars.gif , and 5 dollars is a 5-dollar $5void.jpg .

Yesterday, Susan and Peter went downtown to buy some clothes. The bus fare from their home was $1.50. Susan paid the driver five 25cents.gif , two 10cents.gif coins and one 5cents.gif . Peter paid one loony.gif and two 25cents.gif coins. When they reached downtown, they got off the Bus.gif and Peter went to a corner store to buy a Spanish Newspapr.gif and a chocolate bar. The storeclerk asked for $2.75. Peter reached into his pocket for loony.gif and 2dollars.gif but found no Coins.gif . He then looked in his Wallet.gif and saw a $20 $20.jpg bill. He handed the Money.gif to the storeclerk and waited for the Coins.gif . The clerk was not very happy with Peter. Can you blame him? He had to give Peter $17.25 in change -- one $10.jpg $ bill, one $ bill, one 2dollars.gif , two 10cents.gif and five Pennyc.gif . Peter felt bad leaving the storeclerk with little Coins.gif in his till Till.gif ().

Outside the store, susan saw a panhandler begging for Money.gif . She always gives money to the poor. She opened her purse, grabbed a two dollar 2dollars.gif and dropped the 2dollars.gif in the hat.

When Peter came out of the store, they continued walking down the street to the mall.