Used to/Be used to/Get used to

Type USED TO or BE USED TO or GET USED TO in the space provided. Make sure you use the correct verb tense. Click "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get the first letter of the word.

1. At first I was really nervous about driving in Vancouver, but now I have it.

2. I don't think I'll ever the rain in Vancouver.

3. Because of the devaluation of the Canadian dollar, the people of Vancouver seeing more American tourists in the shopping malls.

4. Mike is Chinese. He is not speaking English in the office.

5. The smell of fish is awful, but you'll it after a couple of months on the job.

6. There are some things in this life that you'll never .

7. It will take a while for the office staff to become the new computer software.

8. She hard work. She grew up in a very poor family.

9. My children eating hamburgers, but I don't think I'll ever eating them.

10. People from Africa hot weather because of the dry and hot climate there.

11. I wasn't happy about working the evening shift but I have it now.

12. When I was a teenager I dress up for Halloween, but not anymore.

13. The administration was not the union playing a major role in running the company.

14. Two years ago, the students have four hours a week of language tutorials, but now they have five hours.

15. When I was starting to write, I think I would never be as good as Margaret Atwood.

16. People politicians blaming the media for their downfall.

17. Mr. Blundell do lots of interviews when he was the mayor of Vancouver.

18. He never flying a helicopter, even after years of working as a co-pilot.

19. Once people have the fact that not all dreams come true, then they set achievable goals.

20. He difficult times because he was born during the war.