Type the VERB in the space provided, then click "Check" to check your answers. Make sure you use the correct verb tense. Use the "Hint" button to get the first letter of the word.

1. Joan's party dresses were by a famous fashion designer.

2. My brother loves sports. He can over 75km a day on his bicycle.

3. Members of government the laws of the country.

4. At the World Trade Conference, the businessman contacts with new customers.

5. Children usually as they are told by their parents.

6. The president of the company his assistant the new general manager.

7. I don't mind the ironing, but I hate vaccuuming the carpets.

8. Henry was so stressed out that he a decision last week to quit his job.

9. Every day I the crossward puzzle in the newpaper.

10. Some students false excuses for coming late to school.

11. The employer a decision to close the factory because his business was losing money.

12. I can't go to the movies this evening, I've got to an essay for my English class.

13. The real estate agent is a fortune from selling expensive houses.

14. Although my husband works full-time, he his share of the housework.

15. People hope that countries peace with each other instead of war.

16. Last week I an offer to buy a townhouse.

17. My brother e-business with computer companies from all over the world.

18. Children usually faces to show their dislike for green peas.

19. Athletes warm-up exercises before running in a race.

20. My friend Joe all the travel plans for our trip to Italy.