Type the VERB in the space provided, then click "Check" to check your answers. Make sure you use the correct verb tense. Use the "Hint" button to get the first letter of the word.

1. She's a fast typist, but she lots of spelling mistakes.

2. The manager asked his secretary to travel arrangements for his business trip to Europe.

3. Yesterday, I an urgent phone call to the hospital to check on my grandmother.

4. Some students like to their homework at school.

5. Teachers would like the students to their best on the exams.

6. Although Mike was exhausted (very tired), he an effort to stay in the race and bike to the finish line.

7. Last week, the fans lots of noise at the football game.

8. After dinner, my children have to clear the table and the dishes before playing computer games.

9. For the Christmas party, each student will be a special dish from their own country.

10. The staff were trained by the supervisor to the job accurately.

11. Our company a wide range of desktop computers and laptops.

12. The woman is terminally ill but the doctors will everything they can to ease her pain.

13. The shop where I usually buy my children's presents wooden toys.

14. A: What do you for a living? B: I'm an accountant.

15. The bank a big profit from the sale of their shares.

16. My mother always the Christmas shopping early.

17. My friend in the United States a very good salary as a pharmacist.

18. The man was the laundry while his wife was cooking dinner.

19. Rosie has extremely well as a singer. Her newest album sold millions in Europe.

20. Although some mothers work full-time, they always time for their children.