Fill-in-the-blanks Exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter. Use the "Clue" button for help.

1. candidate would be ideal for the administrative job.

2. my parents are chemists.

3. Her interest in the newspaper business came from her parents, of whom were journalists.

4. I asked two people to help me start my car, but of them knew what to do.

5. You can get to Montreal by train or bus. way it'll take an hour.

6. one of us is particularly interested in gardening.

7. Traffic was moving very slowly in directions for about an hour after the accident.

8. I had been looking forward to a delicious meal with excellent service, but I was disappointed in cases.

9. I don't eat seafood and my husband doesn't .

10. I failed my driving test because I didn't keep hands on the steering wheel.

11. He has written two spy novels, of which have been made into television series.

12. They do really good food at that restaurant and it's not very expensive .

13. Mike and Jim have red hair and blue eyes.

14. She sharpened the stick carefully at ends.

15. We've got two VCRs, but works properly.

16. There has been a build-up of military troops on sides of the Korean border in recent weeks.

17. I really think it's important to listen to sides of the argument.

18. A: "I've never been to the States." B: "I haven't ."

19. Improved child-care facilities would benefit sexes, women and men.

20. I was sitting in the restaurant at the table with smokers on side of me.

21. You can buy a new car this year or you can go on holiday, but you can't do .