Either..or/Neither..nor/Both..and/Not only..but also

Fill-in-the-blanks Exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter. Use the "Clue" button for help.

1. People who eat meat, fish, animal products are called "vagans".

2. When I injured my foot in the park, my friend (2 words) took me home (2 words) came the next day to see if I needed any help.

3. I told my ex-boyfriend that he leaves now I call the police!

4. you I can attend today's business meeting.

5. I told my friend that we can eat before after the movie.

6. Richard was (2 words) a marathon runner (2 words) an olympic speed skater.

7. Susan has family relatives to help her.

8. The film "Titanic" was (2 words) popular in Europe (2 words) in North America.

9. I left the keys at home in the car. I can't remember which.

10. my mother my grandmother went to university.

11. After the divorce, my sister cared wanted to hear what happened to her ex-husband..

12. After the race, the athletes were (2 words) hungry, (2 words) tired.

13. Because I have high blood pressure, my doctor told me I should smoke drink.

14. I told my friend that we go on vacation in June in August because I have to work in July.

15. The couple I met in London spoke French Spanish, but a dialect of both languages.

16. The colour of my eyes is grey blue, but a strange greyish-blue colour.

17. The tourist was (2 words) disappointed with the food service, (2 words) unhappy with the high prices.

18. I like to drink tea with sugar milk, but not .